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Updated: Apr 1

The REFUND APPLICATION PERIOD is NOW CLOSED for requests to REFUND any swims packages under our COVID GUARANTEE for the WINTER SWIM PERIOD.

We are sorry if you missed the opportunity but it was well advertised and you were told about it ;-)


Please read this blog entry before asking for a refund on any WINTER SWIM SEASON PACKAGES OR INDUCTIONS.

We made a promise when you purchased your SWIM PACKAGES for the 2020/21 WINTER SEASON (1st November - 1st April) that IF we were TOTALLY LOCKED DOWN during the season then we would offer a PRO RATA REFUND on any swim sessions WE COULD NOT ADD to the remaining schedule when we reopened.

This means - if we had to close due to COVID RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED ON US by central or regional government or our local authority then we would ADD EXTRA SUNDAY SWIM SESSIONS to make up for any we COULD NOT RUN during the LOCKDOWN PERIOD.

IF WE WERE UNABLE to add enough replacement Sunday swim sessions at the point we reopened we promised we would refund anyone who requested a PRO RATA REFUND even though they would be out of the statutory 14 day ‘cooling off’ period allowed with online sales.

We DID NOT include INDUCTION SESSIONS in this offer if you were outside of the 14 day period as these were booked on a ‘First Come - First Served’ basis and were over subscribed.

All INDUCTION SESSIONS ran and we did not cancel any without offering an alternative, these were all completed in time for people to then book swim sessions prior to lock down.

Anyone who at that point had completed an INDUCTION SESSION and had purchased SWM CREDIT are fully entitled to claim a refund for the SUNDAY SWIM SESSIONS.

The INDUCTION SESSION was an introduction to our facilities and cold water swimming and can be considered a 'course' and is therefore NOT INCLUDED in the refund promise as it entitles you to a life time membership of the CHILLI SWIM CLUB.

Anyone who simply changed their mind because it was cold or could not be bothered to attend the session loses their money… sorry… but it’s like booking a concert ticket and then not going because it was raining but expecting your money back, it doesn’t work like that!

SWIM SESSION REFUNDS for the period 4th January 2021 to 28th March 2021

As it stands right now, we are processing claims for SWIM SESSION refunds for the lock down period 4th January to 28th March 2021 until 4 pm on SUNDAY 28th MARCH 2021 - we will not accept applications for a refund after this date - we need to have a cut off and think the beginning of the 2021 summer season is a good point to put this all behind us and move on ;-)

No other refunds are due as we replace all missed sessions from previous periods when we were closed with other booking options as per our COVID REFUND PROMISE.

REFUND CLAIMS are made by going to the website home page and clicking on the link on the home page. Once this form is filled in and submitted you can expect your choice of refund with in 14 days but we will endeavour to complete it sooner.

Please do not 'chase' it until 14 days have passed as we are working part time hours and all our time is taken up dealing with getting ready for the summer season and processing the refunds.

Requests for a refund for a missed INDUCTION SESSION.

We are not offering refunds for INDUCTION SESSIONS and never included these in any COVID REFUND GUARANTEE as they all ran as planned.

If you believe you have a case to be considered for an INDUCTION REFUND, before you make representations on a 'case by case' basis - please consider the following -

IF you didn't make an INDUCTION SESSION you had booked and paid for because your plans changed or you didn't like it when it snowed - you are unlikely to get a refund from us.

IF you didn't cancel an induction session you couldn't make via email or app message at least a few hours before it was due to start... you are unlikely to get a refund.

IF you didn't let us know on the day you didn't attend that you were unable to attend due to circumstances outside your control, then telling us 3 months later is unlikely to end in you getting a refund.

IF you have an address on our system which is miles away from us, across our county boundary and an unreasonable distance for you to justify travelling to participate in a booked induction while we were in TIER THREE and you want a refund - you will probably get one.

IF you CANCELLED your INDUCTION SESSION or SWIM SESSION through the booking app outside of our standard 12 hour NO CANCELLATION/REFUND WINDOW - you WILL get a refund directly back to your ‘virtual’ wallet.

The REFUND OFFER covered you for any GOVERNMENT ENFORCED LOCKDOWN that meant we were unable to open for the season or an extended part of the season - it doesn't cover you if you have simply changed your mind as 'its a bit cold'.... this is winter swimming, we did not hide the fact it was cold and all INDUCTION SESSIONS ran.

We made our COVID REFUND PROMISE in good faith - please don’t abuse it as it means we will not be in position to offer one again if required.

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