MAY 2021 - Big Loop NOW OPEN

Updated: May 23

20/05/21 - BIG LOOP NOW OPEN until SEPTEMBER unless we have 'summer snow'!

A quick update for you on the opening of the 'BIG LOOP".

We are disappointed that April '21 decided to deliver the coldest April on record since 1922 (apparently).

The low night time temperatures have suppressed the water temperatures so we are currently about 2 weeks behind where we normally are in terms of 'in water' temps. This means the 'big' loop needs to stay shut for now but should open after the first real blast of sunshine we get (whenever that may be).

In making this decision we have to consider the water temp, the wind chill factor and the demographic of our swimmers. We take a holistic approach to safety and will not be driven by set dates, people's expectations or just because we did it by the end of April last year.

Our decision is based on our capacity to safely rescue a swimmer and part of that decision is based on the general abilities of individual swimmers to successfully make it the whole way around our lake without becoming a liability.

We will open up the entire lake as soon as we can and will work on a compromise (smaller 400 m circuit) if there are any further delays beyond the next couple weeks.

The in water temp is hovering just below (and some days just above) 12 DegreeC but the wind chill is killing it for us as the static temps are so low, we need a consistent IN WATER temp of 12 DegreeC without it dipping below this over night before we can proceed.

We will get there soon (we hope) and when we do the water will hold its temperature until the last few weeks of the season, so plenty of time to grab those summer swims.

Please remember, we do not answer emails and messages about individual days temperatures, if it changes significantly it will be posted on the app/Facebook/website and as soon as we open the big circuit we are sure you will hear all about it from these sources.

It is just below 12 DegreeC right now (5/5/21) and will rise to around 13/14 DegreeC by the third week in May is our guess. Then it will climb steadily at about a degree or two a week until it starts dropping again in September... so if you like it cooler, come now... if you like it warmer.. come later.

Finally, please remember we are having to operate to our COVID 19 RISK ASSESSMENT until things relax a bit in line with the Governments 'roadmap' to the new normal.

This does mean we currently have NO CAPACITY for casual spectators at swim sessions and anyone wandering around will be asked to stay in one of the cafe seated areas.

We can take table bookings for groups up to 6 people even if they are not swimming. We just ask that they stay in the designated areas to help reduce footfall in our 'pinch point' areas.

We are requesting customers wear masks while moving around site and queuing up at sign in and the cafe to further comply with our risk assessments.

We take pride in our abilities to deliver safe outdoor experiences and activities but can only do it with your support which is appreciated.

Remember to MAKE SPACE & COVER THAT FACE - its only polite after all ;-)

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