Summer Starts HERE!

07.30 am on MONDAY 29th March 2021 will see us returning to the water with our SUMMER SWIM SESSIONS starting earlier than normal.

Many of you have already booked onto the early morning SUMMER STARTS HERE sessions and we are excited to be seeing over 100 of you through the day.

We then roll straight into SUMMER 2021 with Wednesday afternoon/evening sessions and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

When the water hits 12 DegreeC we will open up the Tuesday and Thursday evenings and eventually the Friday evenings as well.

This article is a reminder to all of you heading down for these ‘early bird’ sessions that its still the tail end of the WINTER SWIM CLUB SEASON and the lake temp today (24/03/21) was 8.5 DegreeC!

That means we are restricted to the SMALL COURSE ONLY until the temperature gets to 12 DegreeC and we continue to have a TOTAL SWIM TIME of 2 minutes per degree on the day.

So, if you were swimming today the TOTAL IN WATER TIME would be 17 minutes.

This is a recommended time and as such is ‘self managed’ but our life guards will ask you to leave the water if you are showing negative signs of cold water exhaustion.

Please do not be offended if you are asked to step out of the lake (where our team will be waiting to check in with you), we want you to enjoy the facilities and we are sure it may be a shock to the system for some who perhaps haven’t swum since last summer.

Even our established winter swimmers missed out on our cold water swim club this year due to covid restrictions and will need to reacclimatise.

So, things to consider -

1, It will be colder than you expect

2, Think about wearing a wetsuit - even if you normally don’t (our recreational suits are available free of charge until we reach 12 DegreeC in the water)

3, Take your time getting in and acclimatise accordingly and slowly

4, Do NOT just jump in, it will take your breath away and you will become a safety liability (or a statistic!)

5, Monitor your ‘in water time’ and get out before the recommended cut of time

6, Make sure your clothing/swim cloak/towel etc are prepared BEFORE you swim to speed up getting dried, changed and re warmed.

7, Enjoy your swim but remember there is always another (warmer) day coming if you are not feeling the love for it in the first few minutes.

We can’t wait to see you all here next week, its about time we GOT THIS SUMMER STARTED!

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