TERMS & CONDITIONS - Summer Tickets

Updated: Feb 13

We are a MEMBERS LAKE and SUMMER SWIM TICKETS can only be purchased by MEMBERS.

If you are not already a member but wish to buy SUMMER SWIM TICKETS you will need our BOOKING APP and will be able to complete a MEMBERSHIP FORM when it becomes available in March 2022.

To become a MEMBER you need to complete the MEMBERSHIP FORM at the beginning of each season (available via a link on the website - - from March onwards), you must also complete the membership form each year you wish to remain a member as this acts as an opportunity to update your details.

There is a ONE OFF COST of £10 to join as a member, this is paid for the initial issue of your MEMBERSHIP CARD and is NON REFUNDABLE if you cease to be a member.

If you choose to join us in subsequent years, you will not need to pay the £10 membership fee again as long as you do not lose your plastic membership card.

A £10 fee will be charged for the re issue of any lost cards.

All SUMMER SWIM TICKETS are non transferrable and are allocated to your app profile for use by you - we will consider a transfer of unused credit to one other person if you suffer a verifiable injury/illness during the swim season that prevents you from swimming anymore that year - please contact the office if you wish to apply to transfer unused credits for use in the same season.

ALL SUMMER SWIM TICKETS are fully refundable WITHIN 14 days of purchase if you have changed your mind with no questions asked. A FULL REFUND of any UNUSED CREDITS is available on application to the office WITHIN 14 DAYS of your purchase. After 14 days ALL CREDITS are NON REFUNDABLE but may be transferred ONCE to ONE PERSON if you meet the criteria in relation to a verifiable injury/illness that prevents you from swimming.

To be clear - ANY SWIM CREDITS must be purchased through the BOOKING APP unless otherwise agreed. ALL CREDITS are NON REFUNDABLE after 14 days and must be used by YOU by the last SUMMER SWIM SESSION which will be SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2022 or will become forfeit with no cash value or transfer value to either the WINTER SWIM SEASON or any other SUMMER SWIM SEASON.

You are buying swim credits for the 2022 SUMMER SWIM SEASON that runs from SATURDAY 2nd APRIL to SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2022

Activities away reserve the right to cancel your summer swim club membership at any time without giving a reason and issue a refund on unused credits and your initial membership fee.

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