To be a VIP or not to be a VIP - that is the question!

As many of you are aware, we have a LIMITED NUMBER of VIP TICKETS available each year.

We only offer around 20 VIP TICKETS and members that purchased in the previous year always get FIRST REFUSAL on buying again.

That leaves us with a small number of tickets available for general release on a ‘FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED’ basis.

These are the tickets that will be available in the CHRISTMAS CHEER SALE running from 9 am on Tuesday 1st December until 4 pm on Thursday 24th December 2020.

So how much does a VIP PASS cost?

VIP TICKETS are priced at £275 per year per person and are only available during the CHRISTMAS CHEER SALE (1st - 24th December)

We realise this is not for everyone, some will not swim enough to justify the cost, some are happy to not have the benefits and just buy 10 swims - 20 swims or PAYG SWIMS.

The VIP TICKETS will be released at 9 am on TUESDAY 1st DECEMBER 2020 and will appear under the CHRISTMAS SALE tab on the app which will be turned on at 9 am on TUESDAY 1st DECEMBER 2020.

SPARE VIP tickets will be listed in batches until all are sold on a ‘FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED’ basis.

So what does the VIP TICKET GET YOU?

  • ⭐️ VIP means a guaranteed place at EVERY SWIM SESSION* in SUMMER 2021

  • ⭐️ VIP means NO QUEUEING - you have your own VIP EXPRESS DESK when you come for a swim **

  • ⭐️ VIP means a FREE HOT DRINK at each session - just collect your drink token when you return your swim band after your swim.

  • ⭐️ VIP means priority booking on any ‘special events’ like NIGHT SWIMS or DIP n DINE NIGHTS with a VIP DISCOUNT AVAILABLE.


* That is in theory 387 possible swim sessions spread across 139 days starting on April 1st and finishing on Sunday 3rd October 2021.

** We are still going to be running HOUR SWIM SLOTS for this summer, this might change as COVID RULES relax but certainly the plan is for PRE BOOKED SLOTS on all swim sessions although slot times might increase, there will always be a maximum number of swimmers per session.

We WILL NOT be returning to the ‘old system’ of just turn up and swim.

VIP SWIMMERS will have a GUARANTEED SWIM SPACE at EVERY SESSION even if they want to swim ‘back to back’ sessions on the same day - not continuous swimming as we will still need to clear the lake in-between sessions, but multiple swim sessions on the same day can be booked.

VIP SWIMMERS will be asked to BOOK VIA THE APP for EACH SESSION they are going to attend but will have their very own VIP ENTRY on the APP CALENDAR so will never not be able to book a swim slot.

So if the VIP EXPERIENCE is for you in 2021 make sure you are able to BUY A VIP TICKET via the app starting at 9 am on TUESDAY 1st DECEMBER 2020.

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