YOGA at the LAKE

Yoga at and on the lake

The Activities Away lake is probably the most beautiful location in Lincoln to do yoga whether on the patio or actually on the lake on a paddleboard.

Practicing yoga is an ideal way to look after your emotional and physical body. We are so busy and distracted in our daily lives that we spend most of our time in our heads, either going over the past or thinking about the future. In reality, the only moment that really matters is the present moment, that is where we need to be, and that is where yoga will teach you to stay.


Yoga currently takes place on a Thursday evening at 6:30pm and is a Hatha yoga class. We will stretch our bodies to release tension and we will use different yoga poses to build strength. We begin the class by focussing on our breathing and end the class in a short relaxation. All the time enjoying the beautiful views over the lake from the patio area. You just need to bring a mat.

SUP Yoga

In a SUP yoga session, we take our practice from the mat to the paddleboard and follow a similar pattern to a land-based session with some modifications of common poses. We work up from a seated position to all fours to kneeling and if we feel confident then complete some standing practice. Not only will you enjoy your yoga but your confidence in balancing on a paddleboard will greatly increase. Our class is on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm and the hire of the paddleboard is included in the price.

Booking, Price and Class Times

You can book both classes via the app in the same way you could book a swim. First buy a Yoga credit (£8) or a SUP Yoga credit (£15) on the booking app and then use this to book a session also on the app. Yoga is Thursday at 6:30pm and SUP Yoga is Sunday at 3pm.

Join us

Yoga in nature is a really beautiful experience which will leave you feeling grounded and connected, and a part of something much bigger than yourself. We keep both groups small and welcome all levels... whether you are a pure beginner or have attended many yoga classes, or anything in between. If you would like a private session or a group private session then please contact Activities Away and we will endeavour to meet your needs.


Cathy and Paul

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