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Updated: Mar 12

Click Here to open up an article written for NEW MEMBERS but also handy as a reminder for EXISTING MEMBERS if you need to download the booking app again.

Firstly, we are a membership lake, you need to be a member, we charge a £10 membership fee for the initial issue of a members card.

This is only paid ONCE so if you come back the following year then you will not need to pay the membership fee again.. ever!

However, if you lose your plastic members card you will need to pay a £10 REPLACEMENT FEE for a new one.

To get your card (which is collected on your first visit to the centre) you need to complete our MEMBERSHIP FORM (you may hear this called the JOTFORM by staff), this can be completed on any internet connected device such as a phone, tablet or computer.

The SUMMER SEASON MEMBERSHIP SIGN UP FORM is available via a link on our home page at from the beginning of March onwards ready for the start of the season on 1st April each year. It can also be accessed by clicking this link -

The SUMMER MEMBERSHIP FORM needs completing each year by everyone who wishes to become a member for April to September of that year.

This form includes our TERMS & CONDITIONS or use and you cannot swim without having completed the form.

Children under 16 can be added to SUMMER SWIM MEMBERSHIP only and must be added to a responsible adults form when they complete it.

Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while on site and/or swimming.

Once you have signed up as a member you then need to download our BOOKING APP (you may hear people call this the FIT by WIX APP) to be able to pay for and book a swim session.

You will need a SMART PHONE or TABLET running an up to date operating system to down load and use this app, we are sorry if your device is old and not capable of running the app but this is the only way to book swim sessions at this time and is a condition of membership.

We have a FAMILY SESSION TICKET which can be purchased to book children/families into swim sessions at certain times.

Children (under 16 years) can be booked into a FAMILY SWIM SESSION by any adult as long as they are listed on that persons membership form.

If you are unsure if your device will work then please contact us via the CONTACT US page on the website and we will advise you on the minimum operating system requirement.


Go to the APP STORE (iPhone) or PLAY STORE (Android) and search for FIT by WIX you are looking for an APP ICON that looks like this -

DOWNLOAD this APP and scroll down the page when it opens and look for the JOIN WITH INVITE CODE or similar button.

When prompted enter our UNIQUE CODE - QWF830