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Unless you have purchased your SWIM CREDITS within the last 14 days you will not get a refund - it is not practical for a business like ours to issue refunds outside the statuary 14 day 'cooling off' period for online sales - we are sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but it is our policy which you agreed to when you joined as a swim member - if you want to know more please see below...

WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS! When you buy SWIM CREDITS to use during any SWIM SEASON you are agreeing that these credits will be used by the published 'last day of season' which is currently the swim session scheduled between 9 am and 12.30 pm on SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER 2023

You have purchased access credits to use our facilities, a bit like purchasing a monthly gym membership you have agreed to use these credits before they expire on the last swim session of the season.

The terms & conditions are quite clear that they have no cash value and cannot be refunded at any point.

There are plenty of sessions available spread across 5 swim session a week through out the season.

It is unfair to expect us to refund your purchase because you decided it 'wasn't for you' or if you 'didn't have time to swim' or 'suffered an injury or illness'.

These things and any other reason are outside our control and just like buying that gym membership in a rush of excited intention in the January sale... but never using it... you won't get a refund if you decide not to go or can't use it for any other reason.


It is really important that you viewed the TERMS & CONDITIONS when you purchased your swim credit - These are totally transparent and visible when you go through the purchase process and are really clear - the initial screen you pass through is shown as image one to the right of this page the second image is a copy of the general terms & conditions available at the point of actual purchase where a reminder to read them is visible as you check out.

In addition to the terms & conditions you also signed up as a member via our yearly 'MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION' form and ticked and signed the CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP form at the end.

Image three shows the membership terms & conditions that you ticked and then signed and submitted to be accepted as a member - you would not be able to swim at our lake unless you have signed and filed this form prior to your first swim session.














Finally, please remember that we do have a 'Pay as You Go' option every year where you simply sign up and pay for a single swim session each time you visit, if you are at all unsure if you will get best value from a pre paid number of swims then this is probably the best option for you.

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