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summer swim sessions 2023

SORRY! Our TOURIST TICKET SCHEME IS NOW CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS until at least the week commencing 11th SEPTEMBER 2023 - Please DO NOT apply for a TOURIST TICKET for any of the advertised swim sessions until W/C 11/09/23 as these WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE when you attend as we are FULLY BOOKED across all sessions for this week.

We have now re-opened for the 2023 SUMMER SWIM SEASON 

 and will run the following SWIM SESSIONS -


Saturday & Sunday

9 am to 12.30 pm  



Junior Swimming Starts from 1st May 2023


Saturday & Sunday

9 am to 12.30 pm 


3 pm - 7 pm

We offer access for SUMMER SWIMMING from the first week in APRIL until the last week of SEPTEMBER each year.

Our venue has an 800 m & 200 m buoyed circuit and has 'bail out' points every 200 m around the main course.

Our 200 m circuit  has a dedicated lifeguard who will respond by paddle board if you get into difficulty - we call this 'reactive rescue'.

If you head out onto our main 800 m circuit we have you covered with a jet ski based lifeguard who will be keeping a close eye on you as you swim.

You have the ability to exit our 800 m circuit every 200 m and can walk back to the main reception on both sides of the lake.


If we become aware that you are in difficulty while swimming the 800 m circuit then our jet ski will respond and 'check in' with you dealing as appropriate depending on the circumstances.

To join us you need to be a SWIM MEMBER, but don't worry, this is all explained in the relevant FAQ section accessible by clicking the FAQ link and reading the NEW MEMBERS GUIDE.

No monthly 'membership' payment, no 'band' to buy, no contract or monthly payment - just an online form to complete and key safety points to agree and a small initial 'card issue' fee of £10 (only paid once unless you lose your card).

Simply -



Do this before you come to site as phone signal strength is not great!

Click here to SIGN UP FOR the 2023 SEASON 


2, Download the FIT by WIX BOOKING APP (search for it in the App Store/play store) and buy some swims BEFORE you try to book via the calendar.


This is all explained in the NEW MEMBERS GUIDE accessed by clicking the FAQ above.

3, Please ensure you have BOOKED YOUR SESSION via the Fit by Wix booking app as on busy days we cannot guarantee a place on the day.


Always BUY credit in the app BEFORE you book your session via the calendar - failure to do so will result in you NOT BEING BOOKED.

If you are a RETURNING SWIMMER from previous years and have one of our PLASTIC MEMBERSHIP CARDS then make sure you retain it and bring it with you on your first 2023 visit as it will be 'revalidated' for this season.


Feel free to email us if you have any further questions or need to know more details before travelling to see us.



Sat & Sun - 9 am to 12.30 pm


Sat & Sun 9 am to 12.30 pm

Tues/Wed/Thurs - 3 pm to 7 pm

2023 pricing

All bookings to be made via our booking app click the FAQ link above to find out how to download it - if you are visiting Lincoln and want a 'one off swim' then please email us for a 'tourist ticket'.

1 x SWIM = £8

3 x SWIMS = £20

5 x SWIMS = £30

10 x SWIMS = £55

20 x SWIMS = £100

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