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PLEASE NOTE - On hot days/weeks the TOURIST TICKET is not available as we will be fully booked with members. Any member using th eTOURIST TICKET OPTION to try to circumnavigate a FULL SESSION will have their membership cancelled.


If you are visiting the Lincoln area on holiday and wish to indulge in some open water swimming then it is possible to request a "TOURIST TICKET' for a maximum of THREE SWIMS. 


A "Tourist Ticket' can be used by the following people -

- Visitors to the area who do not wish to become a member as they are only visiting can request up to THREE SWIMS while they are on holiday.

- Guest of existing members who are not planning on coming back as they are only visiting their friend who is already a member can request up to THREE SWIMS.

- Prospective members who wish to "TRY BEFORE THEY BUY' a membership - can request ONE SWIM to see if they like it.

The actual 'Tourist Ticket' is issued FREE of CHARGE but you will be charged for the swim session on  arrival at the 'single swim' rate of £8 per swim.


You are still required to FILL IN THE MEMBERSHIP FORM via the link as this contains our terms and conditions of use that you need to agree prior to swimming - The membership form can be found here -


Your actual swims will be paid at the lake on your first visit using cash, card or contactless.


So, to swim on temporary basis -

1, Simply complete the 'Tourist Ticket' form by clicking the link below, during the process you will be asked to put the date you wish to attend, you will have no further contact from us and are simply required to turn up on the day you choose at any point between the stated swim times.

2, Make sure you complete the SWIM MEMBERSHIP FORM by clicking the link above - do this before you arrive on site or you will be delayed by at least 20 minutes while you complete the process.


When you arrive, we will take payment for your swim (£8 - no discounts are available for tourist tickets.. sorry!)  and book you through our system manually... there is nothing else to do, simply file in the forms and turn up on the day. 

We will ONLY be in touch if we have a query or if you have exceeded the allowable quota of 'tourist tickets' you can

apply for in any one season.

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